D’or et de lumière

Mauricio Bejarano, Arturo Parra

D’or et de lumière has been performed in Bogotá…

[Gold and Light] Here is a valley of impenetrable forest where an emerald lake sparkles like a hamlet of mirrors, their faces pointed skyward. On the shore, a thousand ecstatic bodies resonate to the sound of cries and chants, while the gentle waves lap at their feet.

In the middle of the lake, a lone naked man with gilded skin looks up to the sun: he dives. Silent rending of the emerald expanse, lake closing over the offering. Supple wheeling dance of the solar messenger through the luminous dust. Dropping down to the waves’ bed, the voyager comes to rest in the primeval silt. With a smile he is restored to the language and eternity of the gods.

On the shore, the bodies perpetuate the trance. Their eyes scan the scintillations of the adored lake, which now forever protects the man of gold and light.

Catherine Ego, Arturo Parra [English translation: Peter Feldstein]


D’or et de lumière (1997, 2000), 8:46
guitar and stereo fixed medium