Sea of Singularity

Adrian Moore

Sea of Singularity has been performed in Birmingham, Brussels, Montréal, Paris and Sheffield…

Sea of Singularity presents a world of sound interrelationships in 6 movements. Its techniques are the ‘colouring’ and ‘framing’ of natural sound within a broad electroacoustic environment with the use of a blunt knife and relatively simple processes. I was influenced by the theories and artwork of the Fauves whose early 20th century works question the emotional experience with intense colour.


Sea of Singularity was realized in 2000-02 at the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS) (UK) and the complete cycle premiered on October 4, 2002 during the 9th International Acousmatic Festival L’Espace du son in Théâtre Marni (Brussels, Belgium)


  • October 4, 2002, L’Espace du son 2002: Concert portrait Adrian Moore, Théâtre Marni, Brussels (Belgium)



Sea of Singularity (2001-03), 31:48
stereo fixed medium




Date Work Program
October 23, 2007 Adrian Moore, Sea of Singularity (2001-03), 31:48 Folio / NPS Radio 4 (Netherlands)
February 14, 2022 Adrian Moore, Sea of Singularity (2001-03), 31:48 Radio Horizon 93.9 FM (South Africa)