Wet Face (Microclimate IV)

Natasha Barrett

Wet Face (Microclimate IV) has been performed in Bologna and South River…

Wet Face (Microclimate IV) takes sound from marsh birds, dripping water, squelching mud, tearing moss and rotten tree-wood in the Sandane area in Gloppen (Norway). Initially the forces appear gentle. Later, when the microphones are subjected to what for our normal ears is a gentle ‘pitter-patter’, we hear a bombardment. The rhythmic performance of incessant dripping had begun when I arrived. Its millisecond timing was mechanically perfect. I expect it will be the same year after year. Maybe the rhythm will change as the rock is eroded.



fixed medium



Date Work Program
May 24, 2020 Natasha Barrett, Microclimates III-VI: Wet Face (Microclimate IV) (2007), 6:46 Pulsar / CISM (Canada)