Bleu, blanche, rouges

Maxime Barthélemy, Dana Mbé

Bleu, blanche, rouges has been performed in Brussels and Paris…

Unlikely sky and bouquet of things are addressed here and correspond — to my first attempt of music that fades… around its author. The listener is invited to follow suggestions of poetic images by simple associations (phenomenon/color), allowing a non-linear and evolutive perception of time. Accordingly, the range of musical material is purposefully concentrated, preferring solutions by writing for the work, in balance with the assumed sounds’ anecdotic potential. The voice is particularly important on several levels, needless to mention, but its meaning is perhaps the least important. The form follows the framework of the original text (the pretext?), sometimes interwoven in itself or sometimes set aside. Finally, I wish to exploit the functionality of a title —read out of the listening field— without which these three words would have sadly remained without gender or number. [Lost in translation: Bleu: Blue masc. sing., Blanche: white fem. sing., Rouges: red masc/fem. plur.]

With the voice of Jutta Wernicke. Composed at Studio Pierre Schaeffer (Paris Conservatory) and composer’s studio. Premiered: March 3, 2014, Musique à réaction 5.3, Auditorium of the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris by the composer on acousmonium Motus.


  • March 3, 2014, Musiques à réaction 5.3 — Concert 2, Auditorium Marcel Landowski — Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris, Paris (France)



stereo fixed medium