asinglewordisnotenough3 (invariant)

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

asinglewordisnotenough3 (invariant) has been performed in Athens, Brooklyn, Chicago, Clinton, Huddersfield, New York City, Raleigh, Seattle, Strasbourg, Toronto, Troy and Winnipeg…

To Seth

This third piece / iteration / instance is the first with a live / acoustic instrument / source. Whereas the original electronic explores the gestural / embodiment limits of fixed media, here the cello reaches for a world of articulated transients / noises / textures / splices. Ideas are expand / shrank / distorted at the limit of recognition, to allow / free their essence from their broken shell.


Thanks to Seth Parker Woods for his faith, his talent, his enthusiasm and his patience; to Lydia Rilling and Andreas Pysiewicz for the TU Berlin session; to Alex Harker for his patient MSP support.



cello and system



Date Work Program
October 11, 2020 Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, asinglewordisnotenough3 (invariant) (2015), 14:40 Pulsar / CISM (Canada)