Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

asinglewordisnotenough has been performed in Amsterdam, Athens, Bangor, Belfast, Berlin, Birmingham, Brooklyn, Chicago, Clinton, Cologne, Darmstadt, Edinburgh, Huddersfield, Leeds, London, Lugano, Manchester, Mérida, Montréal, Morelia, New York City, Ostrava, Querétaro, Raleigh, Seattle, Seia, Strasbourg, The Hague, Toronto, Troy, Uppsala, Utrecht, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Wrocław and York…

“Traduttore, traditore,” says the Italian proverb. “Traduire, c’est avoir l’honnêteté de s’en tenir à une imperfection allusive”, nuances the translator Pierre Leyris. The cycle of pieces entitled asinglewordisnotenough looks at the impossibility of translating, firstly, the text, then, the context. The multiple nuances of words and images, flattened, lost, elusive.

Moreover, it is also a reflection on the inexpressible, where music and silence allow some states / sentiments / experiences to be expressed with more power / precision / nuance. Therefore, this suite of pieces should be taken as different expressions of a single impression, whose sense is multiplied by their common / composed / remembered past. Explain / comment / multiply the music by music, or as Harold Bloom says so elegantly: “The meaning of a poem can only be another poem.”



Works in this cycle