Goodnight, Tin Hau

Adam Stanović

Goodnight, Tin Hau a été jouée à Bangor, Londres, Paris, Prague et Sheffield…

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Between 2016 and 2020, I had the privilege of working in Hong Kong, as an examiner for one of the various universities. During my visits, which always lasted around a week, I stayed in the Causeway Bay area of the city where, jetlagged and unable to sleep, I would spend hours wandering the balmy, midnight streets. Disorientated and exhausted, I stumbled upon something unforgettable — the moment when the Hong Kong day collapses into night. Although the humidity lingers well into the early hours, this moment produces something of a pause… a breath… a gathering of forces… This moment was never silent, however. The city crackled, as if an electrical charge arced through the sweaty streets. Goodnight, Tin Hau uses recordings from my visits in an attempt to relive that moment. As I composed, however, I was increasingly aware of the changing political situation in Hong Kong, and I now reflect on those four years as part of a much more serious pause… a collapse… a gathering of forces.



  • 21 octobre 2021, Resonant Pasts, Sonic Futures: Adam Stanović…, Theatr Bryn Terfel — Pontio — Bangor University, Bangor (Pays de Galles, RU)



Goodnight, Tin Hau (2021), 21:58